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K H Ng

Forerunner Technology Ltd.
Founder and CEO
Hong Kong Science Park
LiMenEDU is an integrated cross learning platform created to meet the today’s learning. LiMen is designed for a formal education setting from K- Uni.

Our mission is to enhance collaboration, connectivity, while boosting students’ personalized learning and creativity. We see schools equipped with affordable world class tablets, and investing in a smart learning platform that fully embraces education technology to bring a new level of pedagogy.

This learning platform is designed to be compatible with today’s ubiquitous devices, such as smart-phone, various OS tablets, Laptops and PCs. It is also equipped with PDF, PowerPoint converters and other popular digital book format, together with it’s capability to import documents from different sources.

We have many unique features, compliment and enhance functionalities of existing platforms being used in schools and while offering our LMS to schools without one.

We focus on 4 main modules in learning: Classroom Management System, Course Material Management, Smart Module, and Personalized Module.

2 unique features to create more interactivities, to enhance teaching atmosphere more enjoyable:

1. Classroom Management System, we support teachers to easily Monitor & Manage (M&M), sharing information to one or a group of students in class

2. LiVe! It is a real time feature allowing teachers and students to engage together by showing real time works or drawings that enables to share on every student’s screen at the same time.