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Friday, January 25 • 2:00pm - 5:30pm
Mini Moodle Moot

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Session 1 : Brant Knutzen The Participation Forum 45 mins
Session 2 : Juliana Agostino : Creating Student Centred Moodle Classrooms 45 mins
Session 3: Chris Baldwin Eportfolios for Teacher Development 30 mins
Session 4 : Darcy Christ   Blogging plug ins - integrating moodle with wordpress 30 mins
Paper #: 1
Title: The Participation Forum
Presented by: Brant Knutzen
From: Hong Kong University, CITE
Duration: 45 minutes
This presentation will demonstrate two new Moodle 2 plugins which support a sustainable eLearning methodology for integrating online discussions as formative learning activities. Both plugins are free open source projects currently in trials at the University of Hong Kong. This methodology builds on the affordances of a new Moodle plugin: the Participation Forum is a modified discussion forum activity which automatically awards participation points and dynamically generates a grade for each student based on their posting activity. Since the Moodle LMS automates the awarding of participation points, this technology supports a sustainable teaching methodology integrating a regular series of online discussions as formative learning activities, and can be scaled up to support large class sizes of 100 - 200 students or more. The Participation Map plugin creates a new type of data portrait for displaying the dynamics of an online discussion. This learning analytical tool describes a discussion both quantitatively and qualitatively, with a focus on the collaborative interactivity between the participants. It enables a researcher or instructor to quickly visualize the patterns of interaction between students, and gauge the level of collaboration achieved within groups. The latest enhancement of this tool can create a completely anonymized graph suitable for use outside of the classroom, such as in conferences or research papers. This presentation will also review the pedagogy based on social constructivism and socio-cultural factors which motivates the QUALITY of the student posting behavior. This teaching methodology creates a foundation of participation, where the teaching role is still crucial for guiding learning and scaffolding
Paper #: 2
Title: Creating Student Centred Classrooms Using Moodle
Presented by: Juliana Agostino
From: Canadian International School, Hong Kong
Duration: 45 minutes
This presentation will focus on the features of MOODLE that enable teachers to create a course in which students are in control of their own learning. Through interactive lessons, journals, feedback forums, quizzes and most importantly completion tracking, MOODLE becomes a tool to help students become independent and reflective learners. Using MOODLE, the role of the teacher can be redefined to that of an education coach that can monitor and advise students through every stage of the learning cycle. This workshop is for teachers who wish to use MOODLE beyond its file sharing and assignment uploading capabilities and as a way to create a truly student centred blended learning environment.
Paper #: 3
Title: e-Portfolios for Teacher Development on Moodle
Presented by: Chris Baldwin, e-learning consultant,  Global Online Teacher Development team
From: British Council Hong Kong,
Duration: 30 minutes
e-portfolios for teacher development – what are they? What do they do? How can I set them up? This presentation will look at the use of e-portfolios and describe a simple approach to setting up an e-portfolio system using tools such as forums and the file repository in the popular Moodle Learning Management System.

Paper #: 4
Title: Creating the Course Blog for Studio Courses Integrating Moodle and Word Press using LTI
Presented by: Darcy Christ
From: Freelance moodle Developer
Duration: 30 minutes

This is a brief presentation about how to set up a WordPress Network and use  the basicLTI4WordPress plugin, which enables the automatic creation of course blogs and provisioning of student accounts in Moodle. To connect your Moodle course to WordPress, you simply need to create an External Tool activity, using the correct address/URL, a key and secret. I will discuss the basic ideas behind the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) protocol, which is to make it easy for tool providers to build one mechanism which can be used by any LMS or any other client which understands the protocol.

In its most basic form, LTI sends user data (information about who the students are) and returns grades, based upon what the student does within the tool. LTI has the potential to change how we interact with LMSes like Moodle.

I explored this protocol in the Faculty of Architecture at HKU, as a way to make it easy for teachers to create public facing blogs for their studio classes. Moodle is essentially a closed and private system, whereas WordPress is meant to be open and public. I will provide some simple examples used in the Faculty, discussing the successes and failures, as well as outlining what might be some best practices. Ultimately, the basic LTI4WordPress needs to be developed and the choice of themes, plugins and defaults could go a long way towards making your implementation successful.

I will also end the presentation with an open discussion about whether the course blog is the same thing as an ePortfolio. Since this plugin does not actually yet return any grades from WordPress, there is room to discuss what might be graded while using a blog. I am looking for feedback from people who have implemented ePortfolios and to find out whether this kind of system will work for them.

Workshop Feedback https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/21CLHK2013-wf

avatar for Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin

e-learning consultant, British Council
I work in the field of online teacher development. I am particularly interested in Moodle, eportfolios and wikis.
avatar for Darcy Christ

Darcy Christ

Systems Designer / Web Developer, 1000camels
I am very interested in content management and production systems. We have all become producers now (including students). Well designed software and systems has the ability to change how we interact. Although there has been some great development over the last decade, we still have... Read More →
avatar for Agostino Juliana

Agostino Juliana

IB DP Biology and MYP Science Teacher, Canadian International School of Hong Kong
As an educator my goal is to inspire, challenge and engage my students in the love of learning. I strive to accomplish this by creating inquiry based, student-centred classrooms where curiosity and creativity are required and rewarded. Throughout the course of my career, my role as... Read More →

Friday January 25, 2013 2:00pm - 5:30pm HKT

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